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Is MSN dead yet?

(And by MSN I mean microsoft's messenger service, previously known as MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger)
( is unrelated and not going to die, please don't sue me Microsoft, I love you ♥)
(Not affiliated with microsoft in any way)


All protocol versions up to MSNP22 are gone

Current situation

The servers that implemented MSNP21 and MSNP22 are gone, two years after MSNP18 and all the other versions were discontinued.

MSNP24 still works, but it uses different servers and was (is?) primarily used by skype clients. So for the purposes of this status page, MSNP24 is skype, not MSN.

MSNP21 was the last protocol implemented by a Windows Live Messenger branded client (WLM 2012)

MSNP22 was very similar to MSNP21, sharing the same servers, and was implemented by the Windows 8.0 messaging client. Windows 8.0 has been unsupported since january 2016.

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Breaking news

2017-05-19: After 24 hours of downtime it's safe to conclude all servers are gone for good. RIP.

2017-05-18: Many servers down while geo still points to them.

2017-03-22: Back to normal.

2017-03-21: Microsoft login servers broke, affecting all their services. Not really specific to MSN.

2016-05-14: Major update to the server status section, see below for details

2016-04-27: db3 servers moved to db5.

2016-02-05: bn1 servers moved to bn2.

2015-06-18: Temporary outage of bay servers. A few have been repurposed for skypeweb.

2015-05-27: Nothing broke recently, just reduced the amount of clutter in this page.

2015-03-12: The MSNP18 protocol version, used by most third party clients, and ports 80 and 1863 are gone.

2015-03-05: Most internal bn1 servers closed ports 80 and 1863 (Updated version checker to use https instead)

2015-02-26: Almost all the bay and bn1 servers now reject the MSNP18 protocol, used by most third party clients.

2015-01-09: Two main db3 servers and one bay server closed port 80 (HTTP).

2014-12-17: Two main bn1 servers closed port 80 (HTTP). HTTPS still works, but few clients use it.

2014-12-09: Main servers closed port 1863. HTTPS connections to all these servers still work.

2014-11-13: ApplicationID for windows live messenger 2008 and 2009 blocked. Messengergeek blog post

What clients work

(Missing anything in this list? Pull requests welcome!)

Skypeweb based clients (not MSNP, but close enough) Official clients:

Needlessly detailed server status #

Updated every 60 minutes.

May have a few minor mistakes (due to packet loss, etc). Scroll down for reference.

May 2017 update: Only port 443 tests are being run. Any servers that are up should be manually checked to not be assigned to some other service.


IP :443 MSNP18 MSNP21 MSNP22


IP :443 MSNP18 MSNP21 MSNP22


IP :443 MSNP18 MSNP21 MSNP22

Reference #

bay Server region codename (first three characters of the hostname of each of those servers)
Highlight The highlighted rows are the main servers of a region, which redirect to the rest.
:80 (No longer scanned here) HTTP port open. This is what you'd use when enabling HTTP method in old clients.
:443 HTTPS port open. Same as above, but not all clients use this. Newer versions of official clients use it (including WLM 2012, the windows 8 messaging client and skype)
:1863 (No longer scanned here) MSNP port open. The good old standard msn protocol port.
MSNP18 (No longer scanned here) Sends VER 1 MSNP18 to port 443 to test if the server still supports that version (the most common one among third party clients). Also helps check for false positives
MSNP21 Same as above, but sends VER 1 MSNP21 instead, to port 443. This version is not very common among third party clients (Windows Live Messenger 2012 uses it)
MSNP22 Same as above, with VER 1 MSNP22. The windows 8.0 messaging client uses this. No third party implementations I'm aware of.


Why care about MSN? #

A few reasons:

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